Where to Buy Unused Blank Bottle Caps

Do you want to know where you can buy unused blank bottle caps? Many people ask us where we get the blank metal bottle caps we use to make our bottle cap jewelry. They want to know how we color the backs of the bottle caps and how we remove the plastic lining.

The blank bottle caps that we use are standard size and 1-inch in diameter. Made from virgin tin-plated steel, it is easy to make holes in the bottle caps with our Eurotool EuroPunch Hole Punch Pliers For Sheet Metal. The bottle caps don't rust or corrode because of the lacquer coating that seals the paint. And our manufacturer produces unused blank bottle caps in many colors: pink, green, black, gold, red, orange, blue, and white to name a few.

American Flag Bottle Cap Earrings
So what is the name of this wonderful bottle cap company and where can you purchase your own unused blank bottle caps?

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Make a Hole in a Metal Bottle Cap with the Eurotool EuroPunch

How to Make a Hole in a Metal Bottle Cap (The Hard Way)
When you begin to make metal bottle cap crafts for fun or profit, you don't want to spend a lot of money. We make bottle cap jewelry and before we had a drill or a hole punch, we used a hammer and nail to make holes in our metal bottle cap earrings. It was an inexpensive method to punch holes in the metal. However there were a few cons about using a hammer and nail to make holes in the bottle caps:

  • The annoying banging
  • The awkwardness of carrying the hammers
  • Stabbing ourselves with nails
  • Jagged hole edges
  • Shards of metal cutting our skin
How to Make a Hole in a Metal Bottle Cap (The Easy Way)
So some research, we read about a metal hole punch tool that would solve our problems. We bought the Eurotool EuroPunch 1.8mm Round Hole Punch Pliers For Sheet Metal from Amazon.com.

The Eurotool EuroPunch is a steel metal hole punch that makes 1.8mm round holes in sheet metal like bottle caps. Some pros are:
  • Unlike a hammer and nail, the EuroPunch doesn't leave rough edges
  • You won't cut yourself when handling the metal bottle caps
  • The metal hole punch is lightweight (4 oz.)
  • It has rubber handles that open and close easily while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • It comes with one (1) replacement pin when the tip is worn
  • Best of all, the Eurotool EuroPunch is portable!

Now, all the bottle cap crafts that we make, like our favorite bottle cap earrings, have perfect round holes that give a professional look. Crafts made from metal bottle caps have never been easier with the Eurotool EuroPunch.

Has our review helped you decide to buy the Eurotool EuroPunch for sheet metal? Why not purchase the metal hole punch here through our Amazon Affiliate. We receive a very small percentage of sales generated through affiliate links in our blogs. We appreciate your support by purchasing products through our links.

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